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Q: Are these lots in Montgomery County?

A: Yes, these lots are located in Montgomery County, Carlisle City, and Carlisle Local School District. 

Q: Are they all the same size and price?

A: The lots range in size from .279 to .979 Acres, each are individually available for purchase at $35,000.


Q: Can I buy all 24 lots?

A: The owner wishes to sell the lots individually to members of the community, and have a variety of styles and builders, but will sell more than one to a single party.

At this time a corporation may not buy all 24 lots and build 24 similar homes.

Q: What are the setbacks?


Q: Will there be street lights?

A: Yes, as Indian Trace builds up, there will be a street light/lamp requirement about every 300 ft. at the property corner. 

Q: Will there be an HOA?

A: Yes, $300 at closing followed by $100 annually for common area upkeep .


Q: Will there be an entrance sign?

A: Yes, as Indian Trace builds up, an stone style entrance sign will be placed, along with a centralized, communal mailbox/cluster box unit (CBU).

Q: Will the land around it be developed?

A: Yes, Indian Trace Subdivision will be completed in 2 phases. The lots (1-24) are Phase 1. 

Q: I heard there was a problem and/or something running through some of the lots?

A: There is an AT&T  High Speed Fiber Optic line that runs the creek line, creating additional setbacks for lots 7,8, 10-15. 


Q: What are the tap fees?

A: Sewer and Water tap fees both are approximately $1,500. (verify updated information from Carlisle City)




The following list of fees pertain to the building of a new residential dwelling within the Village limits of Carlisle.


Residential Construction - $60.75 + $.28/per sq. ft + 1% State fee

Certificate of Occupancy - $60.75 = 1% State fee

Residential Electric - $95 + $.08/per sq. ft + 1% State fee

Basic HVAC - $72.50 + 1% State fee

Zoning Permit – Residential - $39.25

Sewer Inspection Fee     $39.25

Sewer Tap – Single Family Residence - $1517.00

Sewer Rate Adjustment Fee - $1000.00

Water Tap Fee – 1” or less - $1504.00

Meter Set Fee – 5/8 & ¾ R 900 I inside - $314

Temporary Water Service to Builders - $409

Park Fees - $14.80/per 100 sq. ft.